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Mrs. Button and her students would like to invite you to join our challenge to create a collection of digital postcards from all 50 states.  We hope this project will give you an opportunity to explore the topics of
  • communications and collaboration in a digital world
  • becoming a safe digital citizen as well as a digital leader who creates and contributes valuable content to our digital world.  

  • create digital postcards from your state and email them to us using the directions below.
  • REACH out to someone you know from a different state and encourage  them join the challenge.  (Let’s see how quickly we can get a postcard from 50 states)
  • review digital ethics and responsibility for participating in a digital age crowd sourced project with students
  • obtain and keep a copy of any media releases or other permission required by your school district for publishing student work or photos associated with this project.
  • contact ANY of us with questions

Teacher from classrooms who want to participate should  complete this form.

Upon completing this form, you will receive instructions for adding your digital postcard to our 50 States Digital PostCard Collection.

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